Protect preserve and learn how coral reefs are so very important for our own survival

The Healthy Reefs Initiative creates user friendly tools to measure coral reef health. The HRI monitors reef health, is an advocate to help develop policy which protects the reef and its inhabitants, and works to ensure that this world heritage site continues to exist for generations to come. We believe education and awareness about the human threats to the reef will cause people to become the voice of the reef and lobby for regulations which promote, preserve and protect reef health.

1. Visit www.healthyreefs.org

2. Coral reefs have inhabited our oceans for more than 250 million years and are now faced with issues which plague their very survival

3. The Mesoamerican Barrier reef system is in dire straits with a grade of 47% "poor" and only 6% considered to be "good" condition

4. Check out this video for information on the Mesoamerican reef: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4n6pJLC2c0A

5. Healthy Reefs joins the Belize delegation on Climate Change in Copenhagen. Visit http://www.350.org/ for more information on climate change