With fewer than 300 individuals left in the world, the Cross River gorilla is Africa’s most threatened gorilla. Their survival hangs in the balance as logging, farming and fire destroy their habitat.

The critically endangered Cross River gorilla lives exclusively in the hilly rainforest region along the Nigeria-Cameroon border. Years of hunting have made the Cross River gorilla wary of humans, which makes their study difficult. There is so much more to be learned about these magnificent creatures.

The world’s remaining Cross River gorillas live in 11 separate colonies, scattered over hundreds of miles. In recent years, nearby human settlements have grown and new roads are being built. Gorillas may soon become even more vulnerable and isolated.

Through our work to ensure communities feel pride in their native species, it is now almost a complete taboo to hunt Cross River gorillas. Great progress has also been made in researching the area, which benefits not only the Cross River gorilla but other native wildlife.

1. The conservation and protection of Cross River gorillas and their habitat.