If you have any cool stories or poetry or anything, please post it. that would be amazing. that way we could all enjoy it or give you feedback to make it better. Thanks

January through February, ENJOY

Water Flows of Wind F 06 Within these events portray, the unrivaled discovery of bliss for eyes. Splendor seen, where with the gods and birds amazing; The glitter glow of stars in sparkle, For gliding off reflected gold in worth; The shimmering unsteadied…Read More

ya, so this is an anouncement, i guess.

ok, so if you want to post some of your poetry and stuff, just do it, cause that would be awesome. feel free to comment anytime or what not, cuase im sure poeple would love some constructive critisizm. i know i would. so ya, just have fun with it, and invite…Read More
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