I just started a great fundraiser this week. I would like to give you some information. Lets hook up next week for about 5 min. I will come to you wherever , this applies to all Cleveland members. All members out of town I would like to send you the info,…Read More

New Website

Check it out !

New Location

I have Great news new members.We may have secured another private location for Life Change Institute. It is a very nice location. I'm currently preparing a proposal with for the land owner. She is also blessed and perhaps will come aboard as well. Thanks…Read More

Unique Fundrasing Proposals needed Team

Please suggest and submit some cost effective grass root fundraising Ideals for Life Change Institute. Thank you team,your input is expected, valued, and needed. Here are two examples: #1-If you suggest Ideals such as a Car Wash , Please indicate the location…Read More
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