Personal Thank You

I wanted to thank you for your generous donation to the United Nations Foundation in support of our global efforts.  We know how difficult it is for individuals to continue their charitable giving in this economy and we appreciate your support and vote of…Read More

Haiti Update

It has been more than a week since Haiti’s devastating earthquake -- and we are only beginning to understand the death and destruction that has profoundly impacted the country.   As we recognize the great loss of life, family, and community, we also…Read More

Haiti Update from Dr. Carucci

Here is a message from the UN Foundation’s Dr. Daniel Carucci, who traveled to Haiti to deliver medical supplies and assess the situation on the ground in the aftermath of the 7.0 earthquake. I wanted to pass it along right away to give key supporters like…Read More

Help Us Help Haiti Now

The images of the devastating earthquake in Haiti are heart breaking. These first 48 hours are critical to relief efforts. While we have lost many UN friends and colleagues, the UN will stay on the front lines of the relief effort during this critical…Read More

Vote For My SOn

Who Has Not Vote YEt, Please Vote as we Need the Rating to Go up. 2 Days Left People. Click on The Link to Vote for ShloK. Thanks

Clips and Pictures

You can upload Movies and Pictures on Children Starving In Africa Now. Thank you

how to promote Starving Children In Africa

Thank you for supporting Starving children in Africa. Please let all your friends aware about it from clicking on invite friends.
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