It's been a few months and so far I realized that I'm the only one that donated an amount of money to help out the soldiers overseas. 193 members, and only 1 with a donation. I don't know how you guys would call it but all I know is that it ain't positive at…Read More

Soldier captive in Afghanistan

Please stop and take a moment to pray for US soldier Private First Class. Bowe R. Bergdahl, that is being held captive in Afghanistan. With God all things are possible and if we all pray together, our Hero Soldier will be returned to his family! Please copy…Read More

What If?

I was wondering... What if everyone gave one dollar. If each member of this cause gave one dollar. It would be approximately sixty six dollars towards "Soldiers Angel" to support the soldiers overseas. By the way, they were the ones supporting me while I was…Read More

Thank you

It really touches my heart when I see my friends supporting me for what I do. May God bless you all and guide you in whatever you may do in your everyday life. Sincerely, Ralph
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