HEROES OF BENGHAZI : Tyrone Woods/Glen Doherty

A great poem

The Kenyan Born Muslim sung to the tune Wichita Lineman by Glenn Campbell I am just lying to the country and I play you like fools searching the country over for another, business to fold I hear your fighting my desire to be your dictator for all time and…Read More

Only you can stop the madness!

Stop these clowns in washington from taking our freedom! One person can make a difference! Video - Tiananmen Square - Never Forget - tangle.com Source: www.tangle.com Tiananmen Square - Never Forget - The identity of Tank Man has never been discovered but his…Read More

I ment this page to be a group

This is not a cause, it's a group...no one will ask you for money or ask you to put your friends in the mix...unless you want to...l started this to combat the Rush haters pager and to level the playing field for conservatives. If ya know how to change a…Read More

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