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Kaleb of Recent


Kaleb is WONDERFUL! There have still been a few bumps in the road...which is to be expected. He had some issues which a VERY LOW heart rate and low tempeture. His apnea moniter was going off like 15+ times a night! That's alot. So he was admitted to see what was going on... It was nothing! They couldn't find anything worng with him (besides the initial injury). Infact the Discharge summary actually said that he showed "slight Improvement" WOW! For a doctor to note slight improvement must mean that there was Def improvement in his little brain! PRAISE GOD! Prayer works! He is getting so big and handsome. I am so proud of every little thing he does. He blinks now and moves his mouth a whole lot. He still doesn't have much head control... But he is working on that. He held his head up by himself for about a second today! That is GREAT! Even though he can't smile and laugh like a normal baby... you can tell he is happy. He loves to be held! Infact if you put him down he will cry! Kaleb's birthday is coming up and hopefully he will leaps and bounds better by then!Please continue to pray for our son and all victims of child abuse. I will be posting new pics soon. Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement.


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