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What are your concerns about war with Iran? Do you think Iran should be allowed to develop nuclear energy? Write your concerns, thoughts and opinions here.

Urge Congress to Avoid a Costly War with Iran

Please join our efforts by adding your name to our petition urging Congress to prevent a military attack on Iran. Our goal is to gather at least 1 million signatures before we deliver the petition to Congress. Make your opposition heard in Washington! Sign…Read More

You can stop war with Iran

If U.S. warplanes fly toward Iran next year, October 2007 may be remembered as the month that the Bush administration began its final push to prepare the American public for a new conflagration in the Middle East. To many, it looked like the 2002 run-up to…Read More

Like the Cause? Join the Council for a Livable World on Facebook

The Council for a Livable World, a sister organization of the Center for Arms Control and Non Proliferation, also advocates for no use of military force against Iran. Join the group on Facebook and learn how you can make your opposition to a war against Iran…Read More


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