TELL THEM: KEEP NUKES OUT OF THEIR CLIMATE BILL! September 29, 2009 Dear Friends, Tomorrow--Wednesday, September 30--Sens. Boxer and Kerry are set to introduce their major climate legislation. Senator Boxer said recently that this legislation would…Read More

Get involved! Community Organizing Outline

 Date: Wed, Sep 23 2009 12:30 pm From: Steve Showen Community Organizing Outline For Stopping Nuke Power Resurrection in FL! Greens and Friends, The resurrection of nuclear power is manifesting in FL. Progress Energy (PE) and Florida Power & Light (FPL)…Read More

A reply to Friedman's terrible pro-nuke NYT op-ed

To The Editor: Thomas Friedman writes (Real Men Tax Gas, September 19) that France has “managed to deal with all the radioactive waste issues without any problems or panics.” This unsubstantiated claim is worse than an understatement. It is 100% untrue. The…Read More

Nuclear Energy = clean energy? Think again...

We were mentioned in an article! The 22nd paragraph down"Other protestors have turned to the Internet, starting a page on Facebook titled, “Stop the Levy County Nuclear Power Plant!” The group already has over…Read More

"Mini nuclear reactors"?

 "Mini nuclear reactors"?? What will they think of next? Remember, this "nuclear renaissance" the nuke industry is pushing is totally dependent on massive public subsidies, and unless we cut off their access to easy money, they will keep expanding the nuke…Read More


SIGN THE STATEMENT ON NUCLEAR POWER AND CLIMATE NOW! September 9, 2009 Dear Friends, More than 11,000 people already have signed our simple statement on nuclear power and climate. It's endorsed by 675 organizations so far, from 48 states and Washington, DC…Read More
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