Our cause has been mentioned on the Google Lat Long Blog!

It is time to act! One of Google's blogs about Earth and Maps recently mentioned this cause in a post: "In the last year, mappers from around the world have contributed local knowledge with everything from mapping entire countries to adding details like…Read More

We now have over 3,000 supporters!

This cause is growing, and it's all because of you guys! Thanks and keep it up! It has also gone beyond Facebook now - check it out: just do a Twitter search for "Google Maps Romania"! And if you've seen this mentioned on any blogs, please leave a comment…Read More

Look at all those members!

We now need to show this to Google - the best method may be simply contacting them directly. If anyone knows anyone at Google Maps, don't hold back! And another big THANK YOU for supporting this cause!

The more, the merrier!

We've gotten to over 300 members in less than 2 days - that really says something! Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to join and to invite others! Keep it up! Now obviously, whoever did join (and, moreover, invited other people to join as…Read More
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