4 Presentations on Immigrant Rights 05/12/10 Join Us at 7:00 PM in SF---4 Presentaciones sobre Derechos para Inmigrantes 12/05/10 a las 7:00 PM en Sn. Fco

Semiannual Meeting for Planning and Fund raising Info/Solidarity/food/Music/Poetry Contact: 415 368 1576 The Latin American Alliance for Immigrant Rights ALIADI cordially invites you to our semiannual meeting for fund raising, strategic planning, and…Read More

Regional Conference to Stop Car Impoundment Against Unlicensed Drivers

(Please forward) Contact: 415 3688481 [email protected] Regional Conference to Stop Car Impoundments Saturday November 21st 2009 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM 474 Valencia San Francisco Centro del Pueblo (Auditorium) This campaign is an effort to stop car impoundments…Read More

Invitation to the Northern California Regional Meeting to Stop Car Impounding.

Hi everyone, As you know the car impounding against unlicensed drivers continue and even there are local efforts in different cities to stop it, in others areas our communities are still vulnerable and don't have even basic information about the "Miranda…Read More

Foro: Alto al Decomiso de Autos en San Mateo.

Alto al Decomiso de Autos en San Mateo Sabias que el decomiso de autos por 30 dias es ilegal? El simple hecho de conducir sin licencia no es motivo suficiente para que te priven de tu propiedad. FORO: ALTO AL DECOMISO DE AUTOS! Miercoles 26 de Agosto 6:30…Read More

Activists say the SFPD is unfairly impounding and selling cars owned by illegal aliens

http://www.sfweekly.com/2009-08-19/news/activists-say-the-sfpd-is-unfairly-impounding-and-selling-cars-owned-by-illegal-aliens/ This week, advocates for undocumented immigrants are scheduled to meet with new Police Chief George Gascon to discuss a problem…Read More

Stop Vehicle impounding on Unlicensed Drivers

1. Ask your friends, family members, co-workers if their cars have been impounded for lack of driver license. 2. If they answer yes; tell them that that is illegal. 3. Organize a meeting at a library, church, meeting room, park or at a your backyard. 4.…Read More

Alto al Decomiso de Autos, siguiente presentacion

El grupo comunitario Nuestra Gente, en colaboracion con Alianza Latinoamericana por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes ALIADI, le invitan cordialmente a nuestro proximo evento en Redwood City. Temas Alto al Decomiso de Autos! Sabia usted que es…Read More
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