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To our Readers and Friends,

We don’t have to tell you that times are tough financially and the Society is feeling the pinch, too. We need your immediate support to continue our work. The Society works hard every day to ensure that all areas of women’s health are properly studied. By contributing $25 or more today, you will help us maintain our research, education and advocacy programs for women’s health. If we don't meet our current budget requirements, many of our advocacy and public education programs will be cut.

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A young musician named Liza Lee recently wrote to us, explaining why she is donating to the Society:

“My aunt is battling ovarian cancer and I already have lost several women that I love to cancer. I have had Lupus symptoms for four years. Unfortunately, I don’t have a definitive diagnosis, but it has taken a great toll on my health. At times, my immune system has been devastated. Two years ago, I suffered a stroke at the age of 29.

“I did not realize, until I had my own health issues, how little is know about the way diseases and medications affect the female body. There has been shockingly little research on women and minorities in a lot of health areas. I am a woman and a minority, so I am donating to the Society. Thank you for all the work that you do.”

Liza is not alone. We hear countless stories from women like her, whose diseases have gone undiagnosed or mistreated for years. The consequences can be fatal. In most cases, these women are not neglected by their doctors. No, the simple and sad answer is that not enough research has been conducted to adequately understand the cause, path and treatment of disease in women.

The Society for Women’s Health Research is working every day to ensure that all areas of women’s health receive the attention they deserve. Our efforts are making a difference for current and future generations. Help us continue our work. Please donate now:

Thank you and best wishes for your good health.


Staff of the Society for Women's Health Research

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