Immediate end of the world’s largest and most secretive dolphin slaughter occurring in Taiji, Japan.

Watch the following movie to learn of the atrocities that occur: (WARNING this is not for weak stomachs)


For more information and facts about the mass killings:




Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures and the only wild animals known to save a person's life. They have free will and consciously make decisions and should not be slaughtered in this form of mass genocide. The Taiji operation is conducted only be 26 fishermen and the success is contingent on nationwide secrecy.

Donations through this cause will directly go to the Oceanic Preservation Society, the society that funded and created the movie "The Cove." As Ric O'Barry at Save Japan Dolphins states, the only way this slaughter will end is if Japanese citizens are aware this occurs on their land and if they themselves take action to put an end to it. The best way to spread the word is through the translation and mass distribution of the movie "The Cove" in Japan. Please help fundraise for this cause.

1. Thousands of dolphins and small whales are herded into a cove and brutally killed every year.

2. The meat, which has toxic levels of mercury, is sold under false labels to unknowing Japanese citizens

3. The Oceanic Preservation Society has created a documentary about these atrocities set to release in the US this summer

4. Help fundraise to translate this film and distribute it in Japan so the locals can stop the atrocities within!

5. Currently Japanese citizens are completely unaware this occurs as the media shies away from releasing information, help open their eyes to the truth