Prohibit the possession, sale, and trade of shark fins

Help stop shark finning in Florida. A motivated high school student started this petition and is taking it all the way to state leadership! Please help stop the cruel practice of taking a shark's life for its fin. Five US states have already stopped shark…Read More

Challenge Japan to END Taiji Dolphin Hunt for Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid

Tokyo is in the running to host the 2020 Olympics. However, this cause leader believes that Japan should not be considered to host the Olympics until the Japanese government puts an end to the Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunt. I felt that this was an important…Read More

Protect Dolphins from Nitrogen Pollution in Florida

Dolphins are dying at an alarming rate off the coast of Florida as a result of nitrogen pollution from lawn fertilizer. Please support the Ocean River Institute's petition, asking local officials for more regulation on fetilizer use. Thank…Read More


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