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Hello Prayer Warriors! Savannah has an MRI scheduled for August 23rd. She had Proton Radiation Therapy earlier this year in an attempt to kill the remaining tumor. We are continuing to pray that the treatment worked and her tumor will be completely gone! As…Read More

MRI scheduled for December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas to all our Prayer Warriors! Savannah has her next MRI scheduled for 2 days after Christmas. Please keep her in your prayers this holiday season. She has been doing GREAT! We continue to pray that her next MRI will show no change or that the…Read More

MRI scheduled for June 8th

Hello Prayer Warriors! Savannah has an MRI scheduled for June 8th. It's hard to believe that a year has passed! Thanks to all of your prayers she has come so far! We feel blessed to have so much love and support. While you're making your way through you day…Read More


Savannah finally went home on Friday, July 3rd 2009. She spent 28 days in the hospital. She is home resting and getting her strength back. She is smiling and laughing and goofing around with her sister and friends. We truly believe that all of the prayers…Read More


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June 10, 2009 Subject: Savannah Beach Update Hey all, Savannah was in surgery for about 11 hours and she did great. The doctors were really pleased. She did get a shunt put it and is on a breathing tube for now. They said they got about 80-90% of the tumor…Read More


Thank you so much for all the emails and prayers. The Beach Family thanks you from the bottom of their hearts. They feel your love and prayers. Yesterday, Savannah began her surgery at 8AM. At 10:22AM, after they had all the monitors in place, they began the…Read More
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