REMINDER: CAMS fundraiser Sat. July 10 in West L.A.

Fundraiser this Saturday at the home of Frank Dorrell. See:

REminder: Meeting to fight school budget cuts Saturday, March 27th

Meeting to fight school budget cuts: Saturday, March 27th, students and others interested in organizing to fight the cuts to CA public education will be having a regional meeting at Pasadena City College. 1570 E. Colorado Blvd. Harbeson Hall from 1-6 p.m.…Read More

A message from Arlene Inouye: CAMS 2009

Dear CAMS 2009 was a difficult year with an economic crisis, job shortage, and a school funding crisis driving more youth into the armed forces. The Los Angeles Recruiting Battalion signed up 2,300 new recruits in 2009, a 34% increase over last year. Yet…Read More

A way for each of us to counterract online recruiting?

Hello CAMS group members, Check out this website, which is an Army recruiting tool posing as a very slick humanitarian site where people who care can help a student graduate... it doesn't mention the military anywhere I could find, except by the Army logo on…Read More

Deadline to return Opt Out forms Oct. 23

Hi Everyone, Just to let you know that NOW is the Opt Out timeline for LAUSD and most other school districts. Juniors and seniors need to sign the form and return to their high school by Oct. 23rd. Parental signature is required for those under 18 yrs. By…Read More

Project Great Futures (CAMS commentary by Michelle Cohen)

June 23, 2009 I want to tell you about an interesting day this spring, at a high school near downtown L.A., when strikingly different realities were being experienced by students at exactly the same time. On the football field, a JROTC class was being led…Read More

July 11: Artists' Reception & Nnomy Conference Send-Off

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