uses the martial arts, breathing and meditation to ease the pain of very sick children while empowering them to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally

Kids Kicking Cancer joins young patients together in a supportive community where children use the techniques of the martial arts to focus on their inner strengths and capabilities in confronting disease. By teaching them breathing, relaxation, imagery and karate movements, we empower them to become partners in their healing while transcending their pain, fear and anger. We then train them to articulate this theme to others and become teachers in the process. This allows the senseless cycle of disease and distress to have some sense of focus and purpose. For the child confronting intense pain and the possibility of his/her own death, purpose is power. Although our first and primary focus is pediatric oncology, we are presently working with children who are sickle cell, HIV, brain trauma injury, spina bifida and cerebral palsy patients, as well. The template is standard. The ability to transport our methodology is profound. Kids Kicking Cancer’s goal is to provide this comprehensive program from diagnosis through remission, cure or death for very sick children across the United States. Presently Kids Kicking Cancer classes and pain interventions are offered in New York and the Midwest. Some of the twelve hospitals that have regular programs include Memorial Sloan Kettering, Columbia Presbyterian, Maimonides Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

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