Ban this party

It's is quite shocking that there are still people who are spreading hate on certain groups and believes. What did the gipsy do to deserve this?

I won't let a party like Jobbik start hate on gipsy people.

Remember what happened with the jewish in the second world war? Have people forgot what hate can do? Nobody deserves this. Not the gipsy. I stand up for human rights and I rise against the hateful extreme thoughts of any party who thinks they can just prejudice and discriminate other groups of people like that!!

Join me to fight against discrimination, hate and prejudgement. Stop parties like Jobbik with spreading these extreme ideas.

Only dumb people admit to hate. Be smarter than that.

1. To improve human rights. Everyone has freedom to live and the right to live

2. To go against the spread of hate on certain groups of people

3. To stop exclution of certain groups of people

4. To stop extreme thinking groups.

5. Remember what happened in the second world war, People have forgotten this, they should remember what hate against a group can cause.