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Its time folks ... 7pm - TONIGHT - Tues June 30th - Rawson Square!
Tonight's our first chance to show our solidarity, our union, our decision - in standing up for our children who are silenced all too often - we need to be their voices!

In the past three weeks, almost 8,000 people in The Bahamas have responded to this cause ... now let's take it to Bay ... and show the nation that we are just THAT serious!

Bring a candle ... a chair/blanket ... a soulful heart and a bright mind ... and come and make a difference.

Meet us in Rawson Square @ 7pm ... just come and spend some time with us if you are headed elsewhere as I am sure you know standing up for those who have been sexual abuse victims and children without voices, is of utmost importance right now.

Its time folks ... its time ...

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