HOH - Loosing our Virginity over the Atlantic

Will you help us tell the world about this new Hydrogen technology? How about loosing our Virginity over the Atlantic? Richard Branson’s Pitch TV is ready to help our community spread the word. Our message is online and ready to be viewed by Virgin…Read More

Co-Innovations / HOH Cells on Richard Bransons Pitch TV

Guess what folks! Philip and Cameron have an opportunity to be on Richard Branson’s Pitch TV - this is available via the digital media system on most Virgin airways flights throughout Europe. To get onto the Pitch TV episode they need you to vote positively…Read More

95 and 6, it makes no sense! Who can be creative and name the bear?

Folks the tides are turning and more people are hearing about HOH technology and community innovation! We have a facebook page that *needs* you to become a fan so that we can secure http://facebook.com/hohcells Can you please help us transition from the…Read More

Continuing your digital support - HOH Cells page!

Thank you so much for your support of the HOH Community via the Facebook causes application. Recently we have setup under the 'pages' area of Facebook and will be discontinuing updates to the 'cause' section. PLEASE click below and become a fan. Whilst you…Read More

70 members! New press release! Upcoming print features!

Greetings folks! Our technology trial has been opened up to the commercial sector with a pretty good offer being that we supply, fit and tune the equipment for the first few months. Putting our money where our mouth is basically; let's validate it working…Read More

A real community buzz starting to happen

The community is starting to get behind the work done at www.hohcells.com with $900 raised through donations in the last two weeks. It’s fantastic to see so many people who care and are willing to give a little bit back.

Wow! That's a lot of support.

Did you subscribe to receive the survey results? They are on the way out the door so look out in your email! The results are pretty impressive; Not only do the vast majority of respondents believe in open source co-existing with commercial viability, they…Read More
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