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For donations for Hadleigh Griffin If you would like to write a check please make it out to stacy Stacy Griffin 212 Hickory Ridge Lane, Glenwood IA, 51534 Send donations via pay-pal to [email protected] Please select personal transfer so it doesn't…Read More

Help Hadleigh Get A Headstone

As this news is not bad enough Hadleigh had NO life insurence. Kids like ours don't qualify for it, they see it as to much of a risk. Which makes no since to me what so ever. Stacy and Curtis need help to get Princess Hadleigh a headstone that is fit for a…Read More

RIP Hadleigh Ann

It hurts me deeply to have to say Hadleigh Ann passed away Friday October 16. She will be missed deeply, she was a beautiful, smart, loving, strong, amazing little girl. Please keep there family in your prayers, this is the hardest thing they have had to go…Read More

Hadliegh's Benifit

Hey everyone! Thursday is the kick off day to start the events for the Hadleigh Griffin Benefit(daughter of Stacy (benedict) and Curtis Griffin)- Thursday from 11-2 & 5-8 Pizza Hut, everyone order pizza, or even come down, the family will be there around…Read More

keeping the good news coing!

Today Miss Hadleigh Ann got to finally go home with her mommy and daddy today, after two long months of a wild roller coaster. Thank you everyone again for all your prayers, i will update when i know more!

More wonderful news

Stacy Rae Benedict-Griffin Made it to 5th floor finally!!!!! Let's just hope for a quiet weekend and then home MONDAY :)))))))))

Great News, Praise The Lord

Stacy Rae Benedict-Griffin Hadleigh's doing good today, still needing a bit of oxygen. Dr. Gumbiner told me floor tomarrow, and he hopes to have her home by the weekend!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!
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