Davon Acklin

Davon is 23 years old and dying in an Arizona prison. He has hepatitis C he contracted in prison. He is a victim of untreated mental illness. He stole 2 aa batteries. That is the crime. He is in jail for 5 years. Spent the first year in solitary confinement.…Read More

If you are in the UK. please check out the following petitition.

This was forwarded to me by Maureen Ward and it involves a change in living allowance for disabled people. http://petitions.number10.gov.UK/AttendanceA/

Act now

Next month is suicide prevention month. Worldwide one person dies every minute by their own hand. In the United States a person dies every sixteen minutes. I have created a petition that I hope to get 5000 signatures on by the end of September(suicide…Read More

Mental Health America on suicide and depression

from www.hopeworkscommunity.wordpress.com Mental Health America reported recently the results of a study that they did with Thomson Healthcare that studied the relationship between suicide and depression in all 50 states and ranked each state in terms of…Read More

It has real consequences

from www.hopeworkscommunity.wordpress.com On a eye-opening study— IS MENTAL ILLNESS TERMINAL? Two years ago the National Association of Mental Health Program Directors published a study with incredible conclusions. The report analyzed data from 16 states…Read More

Thanks so much for joining

I will post more info on this cause in the next couple of days. Thank each one of you. If you havent already check out the new group- Treat "mentally ill" fair/ bring justice to their lives
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