to bridge the gap of the language barrier, to unite the body of Christ (Christians) around the world through prayer in the name of Jesus.

Worldwide Prayer Chain was an idea that the Lord inspired me with 4 years ago and it finally is coming to reality!

This organization uses all the latest technologies to promote prayer in the name of Jesus. (Always free to use!)

Our main site's prayer "blog" is translated in a current 60 translations and all comments, after approval are also translated in all 60 languages!

All prayers submitted to us we omit: full names (first names only), links, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers, etc for privacy reasons. (anything people try to get by us. This includes raising money for "worthy" causes. Sorry we don't know if it is legit and can't be liable, this is a prayer ONLY site.)

Each prayer request obtains a number so that the person who submitted it can track it and all comments. (We will give them that number when we reply back to them)

You will be able to send in prayer:
1. via email; [email protected]
2. Calling it in and talking to a live prayer counselor 24/7
(We will have English speaking prayer counselors to start, but we will find prayer counselor volunteers in all 60 of our languages!)
(We are using a company that offers phone numbers, including toll-free one's in 70+ countries and 700+ cities. These can forward where we so choose! And alternate during time of day, etc.)
3. Faxing it in to several numbers as well; including toll-free numbers around the world!
4. Texting it in via cellphone or online
5. Live prayer counselors (with web cam) via Skype, Yahoo! Instant Messenger, ICQ, MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Jive, etc.

You will be able to receive prayer:
1. Our blog (reading it and/or subscribing to it)
(this blog will have ease of you of changing the language among 60!)
2. Following us on Twitter @worldwideprayer
(when a new prayer comes in it will be automatically posted!)
3. Becoming our fan on Facebook
(when a new prayer comes in it will be automatically posted! via NetworkedBlogs)
(We also have a Facebook cause: http://www.causes.com/worldwideprayerchain)
4. Subscribing to our email newsletter.
(This will be sent out with the latest prayers twice a day (no flooding inboxes))
5. Requesting to receive a twice daily or once daily fax with the latest prayers
6. Becoming our friend on Myspace
(a prayer blog will also be there besides our main site and all statuses from Twitter will forward over!)
7. Text Messaging Subscription Service on your cellphone (or home computer)
(you know text "pray" to 131314 kind of stuff?)
(the company we are working with has big corporations as their customers and uses 819 worldwide cell phone networks in 221 countries!)

The main structure and focus of our organization and web site is people praying for one another (no language barriers) all prayers and comments translated. All prayers will be seen by the world in several places (mentioned above) with an anonymity to the person who submitted them (the Lord knows). Only first names permitted!

This is powerful that people around the world will be praying for each other with no language barriers! This truly is a last day God ordained and anointed ministry! There are no denominational barriers on our site, all prayers are simply in the name of Jesus Christ! When Christ answers your prayers it is powerful!

This organization also encourages prayer and praying for one another! And the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

Set to officially launch the week of April 12th-19th 2010! Please send your prayer requests now to [email protected]

1. Jesus Christ

2. prayer

3. unity