Happy New Year!

I wanted to wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year. New Year's five years ago was spent in Iraq with my Marine and miiitary "family" and I cherish the chance to be home with all of you and my family. We have so much to be thankful for and I hope we…Read More

Launched www.frankryan.o

We are moving quickly to Rebuild America and have just launched our web site www.frankryan.org. Please to the site and join our team to win the 17th District Congressional seat. Our nation needs us to get involved. Frank Ryan Cause Creator

Article Published in the Patriot-News

I just had the first in a series of six articles published in the Patriot News. It talks about six questions we, as citizens of our Nation, should ask before passing any legislation. I hope you enjoy and I would love your…Read More

The Deficit

I am a CPA and I am concerned. The Nation's spending is completely out of control. The debt load on our families is absolutely destructive to our lives. Please tell everyone to be careful about their personal finances during these times. As a free service,…Read More

Article just published on Obama's Moral Imperative

I hope you enjoy the article that was just published in the Central Penn Business Journal. http://www.centralpennbusiness.com/weekly_article.asp?aID=58633082.3463358.944905.3447016.194758.546&aID2=72676 Please have a very safe holiday. Semper fi, Frank

"Death Panel"

In my travels throughout the world, I have seen some horrible examples of a lack of respect for life. With the health "reform" bill, you now see the results of not caring for right to life. When a society does not value a right to life at birth, should we…Read More

Planned Parenthood

I do not know how a Congressman can say they are pro-life and then vote to fund Planned Parenthood. Please contact your newspapers and ask Tim Holden to explain his actions. Is this more of the "I was for it before I was against it"?
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