To reach out to all animals in need of our help, and raise funds to treat these animals and provide them with a better life.


The Monmouth County SPCA not only finds homes for stray dogs and cats, but also those family pets that can no longer be cared for by their owners. All of the animals (strays and previously owned pets) placed for adoption receive the same excellent care. The MCSPCA is committed to preventing cruelty to animals, and we see to it that a human being responsible for cruelty to an animal is brought to justice. Check out our Humane Law Enforcement page and read all about our work.

In our care, we try and create an environment that is as humane and stressfree as possible:

- Each animal is housed separately. Runs and cages are cleaned daily.

-Multiple animals from the same household are housed together to reduce the stress of a new environment and separation from familiar surroundings.

-All animals are fed twice a day, seven days a week. All dogs are walked twice a day and given the opportunity to run in a fenced-in area.

-All cats are exercised and socialized at least once a day.

-All animals are cared for by a trained veterinary technician.

-All potential pets are carefully screened by a vet, our trained kennel staff as well as dog trainers before they are placed in a home to insure they will be healthy and happy additions to your family.

-All potential adopters are carefully screened by our trained volunteer Adoption Counselors before they can adopt an animal; pets are matched to adopters based on many factors including the Meet Your Match program.

Each year, more than 3,000 animals are cared for in the shelter. There are now over 100,000 alumni - adopted pets - who owe their good fortune to the MCSPCA.

Go to their website to read some of their sucess stories.

Please donate or Even better, Come out and Help! The MCSPCA needs many volunteers, especially Boys, to walk the dogs. If they don't get enough volunteers, the dogs don't get walked!!

1. All animals deserve a chance.