SCC Climbers Events

Hey Southeastern Climbers! Summer is coming, so find some shady cliffs, some DWS-ing, or just prepare to sweat! As always, stay involved in your local climbing community and be mindful of other user groups in your great natural areas. Remember: The best…Read More

SCC Climbers Events

 Hey folks, Days are short and temps are cold. Stay in, warm your feet and read a book, or GO CLIMBING!!!! Stay active in your local climbing community and be respectful of other land-users. Happy Holidays!! Upcoming Events 1/8 Float the Boat Party…Read More

SCC Anouncements

Yo Climbers!!! Keep shredding, and stay active in your climbing community. Be conscientious of other users at your crags. Peace. Upcoming SCC Events 8/22 HP40 Trail Day 9/12 Sand Rock Adopt-a-Crag Trail Day 9/19 Lost Wall Adopt-a-Crag Trail Day 10/3…Read More

SCC Climbing Events

Hey all gnarly rock climbers, It's springtime! Summer is coming, get stoked to find those shady crags and work the proj with tons of chalk. Stay involved and informed in your climbing community, and most importantly, "Be Excellent to each…Read More


Upcoming Events for Southeastern Climbers!!

Hey ya'll!! Climb some rocks, and have a good winter/spring! Visit to stay informed! Upcoming SCC Events - 2/21 Chalky Dreams Bouldering Comp 3/7 Sloperfest Comp & Music Festival @ HP40 3/21 Sand Rock Hoe-Down Clean-up 5/15 DScFF-…Read More

Cranktastic SCC announcements!!

It's December! The weather is icy, the rocks are cold, but that means one thing - friction!! Go climb, sending temps are in effect!! Exciting!! The SCC is working to buy a new crag in the Southeast, currently called Secret Crag X!! Find out in 5 days where…Read More
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