Annadana during this solar eclipse

Donating food (Annadana) is considered to be a very noble form of charity. It confers great merit on the donor and assures him and his family of constant abundance of food grain and prosperity. According to the scriptures, Annadana performed on the day of…Read More

Donors for Annadana

Each day, donors come forward to sponsor this initiative of annadana both in cash and in kind. Some prefer sending in cheques, and some prefer donating groceries needed to cook the food we serve. Some celebrate the special days like birthdays, anniversaries…Read More

An article on Annadana - Daily Mass Feeding Program

Dear All, According to a latest study and Times of India, India is failing its rural poor with 230 million people being undernourished — the highest for any country in the world. Malnutrition accounts for nearly 50% of child deaths in India as every third…Read More
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