Investigating Claims of Actual Innocence


Proving Innocence is an emerging organization, based upon the previous and on-going work of Bill Proctor and a growing assembly of volunteers. We only work with cases where actual innocence is being claimed and there exists a reasonable belief that our work may produce the needed evidence to substantiate that claim.

Besides investigative work, we also advocate for needed reforms which will decrease the number of wrongful convictions; educate the public through our website and producing documentaries of people wrongfully convicted; and assist in connecting exonerees to the necessary resources to adapt to normal life.

We are currently working under a 501(c)3 organization, so that all contributributions are tax deductions. As soon as we have established our own 501(c)3 (just a matter of the paperwork), we will establish PI as a beneficiary on Facebook.

1. www.provinginnocence.net

2. DNA demonstrated that mistakes occur, but what about when there is no DNA?

3. We are not anti-Law and Order; we are not left or right; we seek justice for those who do not have their own resources.