Surat Pertama Untuk Sahabat (First Letter to a Friend)

Please scroll down for English: Subjek: Dengan tulus memohon Anda untuk menenangkan pikiran dan mendengarkan beberapa kata dari kami. Sahabatku Terkasih: Kami dengan tulus memohon kepada Anda untuk menenangkan pikiran dan mendengarkan beberapa kata dari…Read More

666 members

hi, Sorry to put a note, that we are now having 666 members, a number some might relate it to a religion thing, but for me this is a quite easy to remember number. Thanks to everybody supporting this cause and stay at the Hall of Fame is Ady Widjaja,…Read More

Earth Under Fire

This acclaimed report on the science of global warming and the meaning and response to rapid climate change is now in new paperback edition. More than 100 factual changes made to bring the science and the response up to date as of the Obama…Read More

Thanks God !

SOS for Meat Free Petition "Thanks God, It's Meat Free Friday! Vote your love and compassion for Indonesia at and other meatfree countries at " Don't…Read More

Status SOS Be Vegan Go Green Save the Planet

Dear all saints, Let make a hint for our SOS Cause by setting our fb status on August 11, 2009 (11-08-09): "SOS: BE VEGAN GO GREEN SAVE THE PLANET" and let the status be there for at least 3 days until one week (if you can stand for it :)) So, starting…Read More

Reach over 500

Hi everybody, Congrat to everybody that we have crossed over 500 members on this cause. Now, let's be active to share your information about global warming and its solution to everybody, as well as any global warming events in your city, vegan food bazaar,…Read More

Hello, let's make it 500 members

hello, Just a short notice to let you aware that we are still keep this cause. We are almost hit 500 members, now we have 480! So, let's get 20 more! ^_^ Friends, I need you back up to fill up this Petition to uplift our Indonesian spititual situation,…Read More
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