L'Italia al Cheetah Conservation Fund! Italy at CCF!

Cari Amici, Abbiamo una prossima partenza per il CCF a breve: si tratta del dr. Raoul Bonini, che parte per la Namibia a metà luglio per un tirocinio presso il CCF. A dicembre invece partirà per due mesi la studentessa in veterinaria Sara Mangiaterra…Read More

New Entry in Italy: Sicily

Our big Family is growing: our new entry are Domenico and Francesca, they live and work in Sicily, the beautiful island of the Mediterranean Sea where land sea and sky are so perfectly merged! Domenico and Francesca are Cheetah Lovers and sponsored CCF…Read More

Migrate to Facebook, Twitter and wordpress to support My Cause!

Dear Friends, This Cause of mine, which you followed so faithfully during the last 6 years, does not belong to Facebook anymore. So, in order to follow my updates, please migrate to this Facebook…Read More

Help the Cheetahs! Buy a t-shirt or a sweater!

Our support to Cheetah Conservation Fund is going on. You can buy a sweater or a t-shirt (kids and adults) and help save the cheetahs. All the proceeds go to CCF. And you help a cheetah survive! Thanks, Betty [email protected] Picture: Kids t-shirt…Read More

The 4 ambassadors of CCF in Namibia!

Check it out! And enjoy!

Milano Verona Roma...what a pleasure!

The tour is over but our work still goes on...as dr. Laurie Marker is still travelling in Europe, we here in Italy remember the beautiful days spent in Milano, Verona and Rome, talking and listening to all the projects that CCF is working on in…Read More

The Italian Tour of dr. Laurie MArker is over...what a success!

This is the video of dr. Laurie Marker's visit to the Parco Natura Viva in Verona with all the staff and director dr. Cesare Avesani. Soon the pictures...Enjoy!
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