Milano Verona Roma...what a pleasure!

The tour is over but our work still goes dr. Laurie Marker is still travelling in Europe, we here in Italy remember the beautiful days spent in Milano, Verona and Rome, talking and listening to all the projects that CCF is working on in…Read More

The Italian Tour of dr. Laurie MArker is over...what a success!

This is the video of dr. Laurie Marker's visit to the Parco Natura Viva in Verona with all the staff and director dr. Cesare Avesani. Soon the pictures...Enjoy!

The Cheetah Lady in Verona!

Ci vediamo a Milano, Verona e Roma! See you in Milan, Verona and Rome!

And if you are not in Italy but live in Europe? Then, meet dr. Laurie Marker in Germany, Brussels, the UK, ... Have a look and enjoy her presence and her knowledge about...cheetahs. All the best, Betty von Hoenning

Invite for MILANO -

This is the location for dr. Marker's lecture in Milan. Join us for dinner too.

Invitation for ROME!

Il Museo di Roma per primo!

What IF We Lost The Cheetah? Dr. Laurie Marker's Italian Tour!

Dear Friends, Dr. Laurie Marker will be in Italy on the 18th of February for a lecture about the Cheetah and the Cheetah Conservation Fund. She will be in Milan, Museo di Storia Naturale, corso Venezia 55, at 5.30 pm on the 18th, then in Verona on the…Read More
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