Honoring Mothers

For 30 years, the Mothers at MADD have made our roads safer, helped parents protect their kids from drinking underage, and consoled those left behind when tragedy strikes. If you know an amazing Mother, honor her this week by replacing your profile picture…Read More

Just a reminder

Michael Taylor just posted a link to your cause, Kara Taylor Memorial Fund (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/295212?m=436b1fef): You choose how to “Live your Life”. Thanks, Michael Taylor Hum Teen's Memory Spurs Fight Against Wrong-Way Crashes | NBC…Read More

1000 Members

Thank You all for joining and supporting Kara's cause. We reached our goal of 1000 members and are still growing. I appreciate each and every one of you. Don't stop..keep telling your friends. Please be responsible..Don't Drink and Drive.

1,000 Member Challenge

Thank you for all of your support, we are extending this challenge until Kara's memorial concert on 11/21/09. Bobbi and I will give MADD NTX $1,000 if we have 1,000 members that night. We have 816 as of tonight, keep sending out those invites to join Kara’s…Read More


We would like to take a moment to thank Almina Ahmic for her birthday wish requesting donations and also Jason Niemann for his generous contribution. The link to the interview Kara's mom and I did have been added to the page and we will be adding additional…Read More


Excerpts of an email from MADD to our family, they had a special session for Kara's friends: "Just wanted to give you both some feedback on the group today-- I think it went really well. We have set a date every week. The kids seemed receptive though they…Read More
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