"Christians Working Together to End Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking"

Chab Dai is an active coalition of Christian organizations in Cambodia and the United States who are working with victims or those at risk of being abused or exploited. Member organizations work to address trafficking issues through programs of prevention, intervention, and reintegration.

Chab Dai Activities include:

* Providing help, support, and resources to individuals, organizations and churches

* Developing and distributing innovative resources to assist with programs working in the areas of prevention through to reintegration.

* Setting up and operating a Resource Center, Library and Community Learning Center.

* Working with communities, organizations, and government ministries to identify strategies to address the issues of sexual abuse and trafficking and program gaps.

* Developing training programs to build the capacity of staff working with victims.

* Facilitating advice clinics for organizations to discuss and address issues relating to their work.

* Carrying out specific research studies which make recommendations at both program and advocacy levels.

* Being committed to praying together for one another and the issues we are facing.

Chab Dai also has offices in the US and UK currently working against global human trafficking and sexual exploitation in the West and beyond.

For more information, go to http://chabdai.org

1. Human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and abuse are serious problems that need to be addressed by individuals across the globe.

2. Collaboration is needed to address issues as complex as trafficking and exploitation.

3. Families and communities susceptible to trafficking & exploitation should be given the opportunity to be all that God created them to be.