The Chargers belong in San Diego. Don't let them leave just because our politicians lack the business savvy or the political wherewithal to get a stadium built.

Since the turn of the century the San Diego Chargers have expressed interest in having a new stadium built to replace Qualcomm Stadium. For almost a decade the Chargers have been trying to secure funds and a location for a new stadium in San Diego. The team was originally interested in building a new state of the art stadium in the same area as Qualcomm Stadium but now is looking at sites in Escondido. In January 2006, the Chargers dropped their plans to ask voters in the city of San Diego to approve a $450 million stadium proposal at the 166-acre Qualcomm Stadium site. The proposal – which would have asked voters to let the city give the team 60 acres at the site for free that would have been on the November ballot. The team planned to build 6,000 condominiums, a hotel, offices and retail shops, using the profits to pay for the stadium. The team also planned to pay for $175 million in road improvements. Chargers officials said they decided to abandon the ballot measure because they could not find a development partner willing to risk about $800 million in upfront development costs. In April 2006, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders announced that the Chargers should be allowed to look around the county for a stadium deal.
As of 2009 the Chargers continue to look at sites in Escondio, on the bay and inland, preferring the site on the bay. Mayor Jerry Sanders was recently re-elected and continues not to support a new stadium for the Chargers. The team expects a new stadium to now cost $1.3 billion and is looking at ways to fund it. If the Chargers are unable to develop fans for a new stadium in San Diego it is possible they may relocate to Los Angeles.

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