My Visit to Pierce Manufacturing, Inc in Appleton WI

I've posted all my photos from my tours of the two Pierce Manufacturing, Inc. plants in the Appleton WI area. My sincere gratitude and appreciation to my host Chet for taking the time to patiently show me around, leaving 'nary a detailed untold. More…Read More

Brief Update...

Please visit our blog at! Thanks! Steve

My Thanks & A Little More...

Dear Friends of "Save Chimp Eden From Fire," First, again let me thank all of you for your faith in this project and your support. We're currently at 247 members; a number I never thought I would ever see. People like Gaye Gamble who recruited 47 new members…Read More

Words Escape Me!

When I was logged on yesterday, we had 58 members. This evening, I just took a peek and see we jumped nearly 100% to 110 members! Thank you, thank, thank you! I have no other words for all those of you who joined over the last 24 hours and for those who have…Read More

New Members...

To all of you who have joined our cause recently: Thank you so much for finding this little brainstorm of mind, worthy of your support. Now as members, you each are assigned a task- to recruit others. I was thinking about our project last night and compared…Read More

My Sincere Thanks!

To all of you have have joined and/or recruited new members, I cannot thank you enough. To log on to my account and suddenly see the "cause" census climbing, truly is proof how social networking can work for positive ends. We have until mid-September, when I…Read More

Blog Updated

6/17/09 - Our blog at has been updated today. Thank you, SteveG
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