How many people do you know

Folks, Fantastic to see so many of you joining but I think our numbers would make a mere ripple on the green of Westminister at the moment. We can make this the largest pro English group not only on facebook but also in England if we just took 10 minutes…Read More

Action NOW

We need this to be bigger than St Georges Day on Facebook, one day soon you will be asked to march to Westminister and take back our PARLIAMENT - Please spread the word, it is us and only US who can get our nation back. We have been let down by the…Read More

One DAY very soon

Folks One day in the not too distant future, you will all be asked to rise up and revolt, rise up and demand an end to anti English discrimination, rise up and stop the blatant racism that is against all of us in England. The question you have to ask…Read More
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