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Wow! I am amazed at how many members have joined since this cause was started on FB! This is awesome and speaks to how deeply Ina May's work has impacted so many of us.

A dear friend who worked to develop this cause with me (Stacie Scott) had the honor to spend almost a week with Ina May at the Farm at a Midwifery workshop this past June. Those of you who work in birth, I highly recommoned it! It was directed towards midwives, students, and nurses. However, there are other workshops that the Farm midwives host that may more specifically tailor to your needs. It was truly a transformational experience for everyone who attended.

This is the website:

In addition, I just wanted to encourage anyone has the ability to consider donating to Ina May's Safe Motherhood work. If you are uncomfortable doing this on FB (which is understandable), you can also visit her website at:

Peace and Love,

Sara :)

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