Basharat Peer: In a 'class' of his own

Omar Abdullah's apathy in the Shopian incident is a product of his class - he lives in a Kashmir which is a secure isolated castle, not the one in which ordinary Kashmiris live. After months of pro-independence protests, state crackdowns and curfews, Kashmir…Read More

Who’s afraid of an FIR? Vinay Sitapati The rape of Mathura, a young tribal woman, by drunken policemen, marked the coming of age of feminist legal activism. The furore that followed the 1979 “not guilty” verdict led to…Read More

Thanks to all

Around 880 memebers have so far joined the cause and many more may follow. It would be appreciating if we spread the message more so that we can higlight the plight of a family wher two ladies were gang raped and then murdered while it took 11 days for police…Read More

Forensic report confirms two Kashmiri women were raped

It is a major embarrassment to the Jammu and Kashmir government that had so far maintained that the two south Kashmir women found dead past week had drowned, the police on Sunday registered an FIR in the case after a forensic report confirmed that they were…Read More

Also demand that police should file an FIR which it hasn't although six days have lapsed.

Again its the height of ridiculousness that police is yet to lodge an FIR. Six days have passed when the bodies were first seen, government and police is inert while Kashmir has come on streets that has so far witness more than 400 people injured and one…Read More
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