VOTE TODAY for Claudia Wright. Here's how.

--This race is really close. --a pathetic 10% of voters usually turn out to the polls in primaries. --Your vote counts big time. --This isn't a vote against Jim. This is a vote for someone who will make an amazing and effective Representative we can be proud…Read More

What are you doing right now? You could become a delegate before dark -- you don't even have to be registered to vote!

Get on down to your friendly neighborhood caucus by 6:30 TONIGHT and become a delegate for two years. You can quit anytime. There is a very minimal time commitment. And it is a powerful position. It is free and fast and by all accounts, easy as pie. All you…Read More

From betrayal to positive action: our chance to transform Congressional in Utah politics happens Tuesday the 23rd. We have one chance.

We don't have to take this. Jim Matheson has joined the Republicans on healthcare reform, perhaps the most important piece of legislation ever put forward by the Democratic Party. But we shouldn't be surprised. He has sided with the Republicans on virtually…Read More

Select a new candidate for district 2 tomorrow! See what the buzz is all about!

WOW. Tomorrow will be REALLY interesting for Utah politics. How about we choose our own representative, who won't be able to ignore us like Matheson has chosen to do? We put out a Craigslist ad, (sounds crazy, but what is so crazy about finding and hiring a…Read More

We have been ignored by our Representative, but he won't be able to ignore this.

We didn't ask for him to change his mind on anything. We didn't ask for a specific vote, nor were we pushing a agenda. We only wanted to talk, the way other Representatives talk with their constituents. Now, more than half a year later, nearly 900 of us have…Read More

Your voice can still be heard

Hello. Congressman Matheson may not be willing to sit down with us and talk about environmental and human rights issues, but that shouldn't--that can't--stop us from being heard in the halls of Congress. Today is International Climate Action Day. It has…Read More

Matheson spokeswoman Alyson Heyrend: "Matheson doesn't do town halls anymore"

“He’s called every registered voter in the Second Congressional District three or four times in the last year or so. And so, he gets to have people question him directly that way." KCPW…Read More
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