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Pelican sails for Cape Flattery tomorrow

Hello Support Crew!

The crew of Pelican 1 have been in Cooktown the last few days restocking after a month's engagement with the Kuuku Ya'u and Lama lama people whose country lies North of Hope Vale.

We arrived in Cooktown at the beginning of the week and met up with Des and Estelle Bowen. The preparations for the camp are almost complete and their only problem was to stop people from arriving too early. Apparently there is a high level of expectation for the Pelican and people are enthusiastically wanting to set off before it all begins.
Last night we were invited to play Barefoot Bowls with Willie Gordon and Judy Bennett from Guurrbi Tours. Willie has a lot of family in Hope Vale and he was telling me many people are ringing him to tell him they are going.

We will update the program from the boat's perspective on our posterous blog at There is already a lot of information up about the project we have just completed too. If any of you are on Twitter you can follow the Pelican updates on

We are exited too. It has been two years too long and we are looking forward to catching up with friends, getting out on Guugu Yimithirr Sea Country and seeing how much the kids have grown. There has been quite a bit of rain so I hope the road in is not too bad. Ian Bell, the turtle researcher who has come up with us over the last five years, is towing in his dinghy. So hopefully the track in is passable shape!

Thank you to each and every one of you for your interest and support and look forward to sharing some stories from this year's Hope Vale-Pelican camp.

All the Best,

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