The Hope Vale-Pelican project is an annual Sea Country journey and camp run at Cape Flattery and Starke, for the Hope Vale community, involving Caring for Sea Country and plenty of activities.

The program has been running for 8 years and is developing into a long term, innovative project that is responding directly to the needs of the elders and youth of Hope Vale. The project aims to attract partnerships that connect with the community over the longer term and build pathways and opportunities for the youth.

1. www.svpelican.com.au

2. The program has run annually for the last eight years in the September holidays on a remote beach near Cape Flattery. It has also been run at Allum and Starke.

3. The program is developed by Hope Vale elders and community in partnership with Pelican Expeditions

4. The project is aimed across a range of areas that address the social, emotional and cultural wellbeing as identified by community elders.

5. The activities are land and sea-based involving science, Traditional culture, digital storytelling, sport and Health.