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Maribojoc Gov't replies to Shooting Stray Dogs Issue

Subject: my response
Date: Friday, August 14, 2009, 1:25 AM

Good day!

This is a response to your letter sent through email.

We have stopped the campaign of shooting strays dogs in our municipality since we find it ineffective. It does not solve the problem of rabies. We have learned that some do-gooders in our town took the initiative of poisoning these stray dogs and 50 dogs have been killed since last week.

We are currently trying our best to solve the poverty problem in our municipality by providing them better social development programs even if our local funds are inadequate. Our priority is the people of Maribojoc who are the real less fortunate. If we divert our funds for cats and dogs, what is left for our people?

I suggest you go to China. In China, there are no dogs and cats for these animals deprive their children of their food. I am prioritizing the needs of the people of Maribojoc. I don't want them to be bitten by stray animals. I don't want them to encounter accidents just because of these animals.

I do not understand your priorities in life. The life of a person or the life of the animals? My priority is the people of Maribojoc. Anything that threatens the welfare of the people should be eliminated. And besides, who are you to tell us what we should do? I suggest you first become the local chief executive of Maribojoc before you talk about prioritizing these stray animals. Nobody can tell me what goals to set for Maribojoc, except the people of Maribojoc.

It is obvious that the reason why many people are poor in Samar is because the funds that should have been allocated to the people are instead used in building dog houses. If you can come to my town, I will show you how we treat our people. People are more important creatures of God.

You won't understand my point of view since you have the luxury of riding on your private vehicles to roam around. I am fighting for the rights of my people who don't have the funds to buy an anti-rabies medicine just because they are still looking for their next meal.


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