Hi all! Venezuela still has serious shortages. Our latest one is spare parts for cars… they cannot be found anywhere. Some are starting to say “well if we don’t have spares for cars what about spares for airplanes?” ... who knows… yet there have been rather…Read More


We’ve reached over the 10,000 members! Let’s keep growing to inform the world of what’s really going on in Venezuela! What 21st Socialism really means! Inviting just one friend can make a difference. This is our weapon against all the copious amounts of…Read More

Defend Venezuela's right for freedom of speech! Defend Globovision!

Dearest members! Well Venezuela still hasn’t got milk! But that’s really not our biggest problem right now. Even since the Venezuelan citizens won the referendum elections last December , well let’s just say that following all the Venezuelan affairs has been…Read More

Thank you for your support! Keep inviting!

Dear All! Well this Cause was created no more than a week ago and has reached over 500 members… Am I thrilled? Obviously! I’d like to thank all those listed on the hall of fame for being top recruiters! Every single invite counts and you guys are making the…Read More
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