New D4PC FB page

Another reminder to register on our "NEW" FB page: docs 4 patient care. Please insert spaces between words, NOT docs4patientcare. We need all members and fans on one page for ease and efficiency of communication. Please consider attending Million Med March…Read More

new FB page for D4PC

we're trying to regroup all members and fans on one FB page for ease and efficiency of communication. Please join the "new" FB page for D4PC. You get there by typing in on search bar: docs 4 patient care, notice the spaces between the 4 words. this should get…Read More

Washington, DC events September 10-12th

There will be a 3 day event in DC mid-September covering a variety of issues, including healthcare reform. Thursday the 10th will be focused on healthcare and will involve a physician march to the capital from 5:30-6:30PM. All are welcome and we encourage all…Read More

Doctors March on Washington Thursday, September 10th

Members who are Physicians: We need you in DC on the above dates to show support for our patients' freedom of choice and our profession. This event is historical and you should be part of it. Go to for details. Try to rally your colleagues and…Read More

Docs4patientcare, August 2009 NEWSLETTER

Please go to website/blog: Register to receive a free monthly newsletter which will summarize latest news on this issue, detail plans for ACTION and list upcoming events. While on website, please sign "Free Our Healthcare Now"…Read More

Upcoming Events To Promote Our Message

Atlanta Healthcare Rally, Saturday, August 15th, Centennial Olympic Park, 1-3:30PM. Healthcare March On Washington, DC, Thursday, September 10-Saturday, September 12. All day events. Even though Congress is on vacation, we need to maintain pressure on these…Read More

Healthcare Reform legislation

This voting "delay" is NOT a done deal before the August recess, despite what Reid/Pelosi and the WH are saying. They had a rough week with a vigorous display of opposition from patients, taxpayers and physicians(although not nearly enough MDs). They are…Read More
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