To inspire students to pursue careers in engineering, science, technology, and math through participation in a sports-like science- and engineering-based robotics competition.

BEST (Boosting Engineering Science and Technology) Robotics, Inc. is a non-profit organization led by engineers, technologists, educators and parents that have a desire to teach middle and high school students what real engineering is all about. We accomplish this by hosting a 6-week robotics competition, where teams of students conceive, design, construct, and test a remote-controlled robot to compete in a head-to-head competition against each other.

The competition mirrors real product development issues such as:
1) Time to market (timeframe limited to 6 weeks).
2) Design to cost (robot must be built only from the materials provided).
3) Design to function (robot must be designed to successfully play the game).

The contest involves much more than just building a robot; it introduces students to many other aspects of a product development such as teaming, project management, advertising and marketing, technical writing and speaking, and company advocacy/ethics.

The competition is open to any school regardless of their economic situation, thanks to our sponsors. There are no entry fees for participation and all kit materials are provided.

All of this is made available through the contributions of our sponsors. There are many local contest sites (hubs) across the United States within the BEST Robotics family. All hubs follow the same Fall schedule, utilize identical kit materials, and host the same unique game each year.

1. Volunteer organization.

2. No entry fees or kits costs to participating schools.

3. Hands-on experience with students performing all of the work.

4. Mentors from industry guide students in the product development process.

5. BEST Robotics, Inc. is a national organization with 41 local hubs (see http://www.bestinc.org )