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Exciting times, join our Leopard team in Africa


Volunteers who join our leopard team can enjoy quite a few different experiences. Some planned and some not. For example, a leopard flew right past the open tent that serves as our research office the other day. Creating a lot of excitement as it tried to nail an Impala from the small herd that lives around camp.

This year we have a couple of exciting new adventures that our volunteers can also be part of.
As well as the leopard work on our home reserve, we have a new leopard project that we have started in the Greater Kruger Park which our volunteers also visit during their four weeks with us. Also from June to September we’re launching a series of expeditions into some of the uncharted valleys again on our home reserve, where no human has been in living memory. These expeditions provide opportunities for groups to explore, map and record everything we find in these areas. From the wildlife, habitat and geology through to archaeological finds. In other areas on the reserve we have 2,000 year old artefacts, not to mention new species, so who knows what new findings we'll make!
Of-course, this will need to be an ongoing process over the next ten years, but (being the first) I figure this year’s expeditions will be the most exciting.

You can join our team in Africa.


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