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URGENT: Urge Federal Officials to Save Wolves!

Reportedly, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is considering releasing a proposal that, if accepted, would remove protections for gray wolves listed under the Endangered Species Act, including those residing throughout the Southwest and other states nationwide! Wolves in the Rocky Mountains and the Great Lakes region whose populations recently lost these protections are now being subjected to cruel wildlife management activities, including aerial hunting, bowhunting, trapping (including with steel-jaw traps), and even poisoning. Wolves residing in the Southwest and beyond would no doubt suffer similar fates, and since these populations have not yet recovered, delisting these animals would mean failing to properly administer and implement the Endangered Species Act. We're told that the USFWS intends to submit its proposal in March 2013. Your voice is needed! (

Click here to send a message to USFWS officials and urge them to keep wolves protected! ( Remind them that these animals should be left alone. Delisting wolves would not only subject them to mass slaughters, which are exceedingly cruel and harmful for local ecosystems, but also fail to allow the species to recover from the previous hunts that led to their near extinction.


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