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Pledge to Get Fit and Help Animals in 2013!


Hello Friends, 

For many of us, 2013 began with a new resolve to become fitter and healthier this year. But while resolutions are easy to make, keeping those promises to yourself for months to come can be tough. 

If you're hoping to get in shape and improve your health this year but need a little extra inspiration, PETA has a popular fitness plan that's perfect for you: the PETA Pack (! 

The PETA Pack is an international team-training program where compassionate folks around the globe train to run, walk, or bike a race for animals. While our 2013 training season doesn't ramp up until this summer, an easy way to help you meet your own fitness goals during this year is to pledge to join the PETA Pack ( right now!

In a few months, we'll send you a reminder to join the team in order to fulfill your commitment to animals and to becoming a healthier you. And if you sign the pledge today, you'll be invited to join the team at a discounted rate! 

What are you waiting for? Join the 700 animal-loving athletes who are coming together to create a kinder world for animals. 

Michelle Taylor Cehn
PETA Pack Coordinator


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