Glory of God

I realized this morning in prayer meeting that I had not been operating fully in the power of the Holy Spirit. I asked God to totally reduce me to nothing. I prayed, "I would rather be blind than look on anything sinfully with my eyes and sin against you…Read More

Holy Spirit Touches God's People

Friday June 12, 2009 the Spirit of the living God met us in a powerful way. a 22 yr. old young man was delivered from the bondage of pornography. God's people sought Him and He showed up and changed lives. Don't miss your moment in time!

Are We Desperate?

God is wondering does anybody want Me? Does anybody need Me? Does anybody love Me, with all their heart, mind soul and strength? Revival will cost us everything. Are we truly desperate for God? Does our heart and flesh cry out for the living God? This is the…Read More

"Desperate for God"

The church needs to be revived in America. Join us in crying out to God with all our hearts for Him to come and revive us.
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