We are determined to change laws making it mandatory for those that INTENTIONALLY injure the disabled to receive mandatory jail time.

"No jail time for abuser: Mother seeks tougher laws for abuse of infirm"
This article tells my son's story and explains why I have decided to become an advocate for this cause. These particular members of our society do not have a voice and need each of us to use ours to fight for their rights. They are abused often and in most cases cannot tell anyone. In our case, when the horrible abuse was proven, the attacker only received probation. We cannot allow this to happen to any other citizen of our state. With the assistance of my attorney, Mike Koch, I have written a letter to Representative Chris Roy in an effort to change the law that allowed probation for such a heinous crime.

1. In Louisiana, someone that seriously injures a profoundly disabled person can receive probation if it is a first offense

2. Current state law regarding Cruelty to Infirm http://law.justia.com/louisiana/codes/146/78735.html

3. We believe that there needs to be a stipulation to distinguish "Intentional" Cruelty to Infirm from "Negligent" Cruelty to Infirm